Troy Dix shifted his focus June 15 from daily operations of the Times-Gazette into a corporate role for Dix 1898.

That change allows for concentrated efforts on upgrading and developing the corporate infrastructure in order to advance growth potential in Dix 1898. His position will continue to be based in Ashland.

Dix, who assumed the role of publisher in 1999, said, “I’ve enjoyed being involved in community journalism and the family’s business ventures, especially here in Ashland. We are excited about the future of the business, and I look forward to helping it grow.”

Andrew S. Dix will assume the role of publisher of the Times-Gazette. Andrew S. Dix also is publisher at The Daily Record in Wooster and The Daily Jeffersonian in Cambridge.

Andrew S. Dix, who will spend time onsite weekly in Ashland, said, “We are incredibly fortunate to publish in wonderful, vibrant communities. My role is concentrated on our newspaper operations, which I truly enjoy.

“Our family has a long history in the business, and I look forward to the opportunity and am excited to work with the talented team at the Times-Gazette. We’re focused on continuing to grow our company, and working with our area businesses and community leaders.”